Separating eggs: It’s easy with these 5 tricks

Separating Eggs: The Best Kitchen Hacks

Anyone who regularly works in the kitchen knows that separating eggs can be quite tricky. Egg whites and yolks sometimes seem inseparable and can hardly be separated. So what should you do if you need egg whites and yolks separately again? We show 5 tricks with which the eggs can be separated easily.

Trick 1: separate the eggs in the classic way

Most amateur cooks or bakers have probably used this method before. If you want to separate the egg in the classic way, carefully crack the edge of the bowl so that it can be broken into two halves of about the same size. Now carefully pour the yolks from one half to the other alternately. The egg white should now slowly drip into the bowl, piece by piece, so that in the end only the egg yolk remains in the shell. You can now simply put this in a second bowl and use the egg white and egg yolk separately.

Trick 2: separate eggs with a bottle

Separate eggs with the plastic bottle

All you need for this trick is a commercially available plastic bottle that can be squeezed together well and a little dexterity. First, beat the egg and put the egg whites and yolks together in a small bowl. Now take the plastic bottle and squeeze a little so that a little air escapes. Hold the squeezed bottle with the opening over the egg yolk and gently release the pressure. When the bottle pulls back into its old shape, a suction is created that sucks the egg yolks into the bottle. If the egg yolk is completely sucked into the bottle, you can easily fill it from there into a second bowl. Successful separation!

Trick 3: separate the egg with a funnel

This trick is really as simple as it is ingenious: if you have a funnel on hand in your kitchen, you can just carefully crack the egg and pour the contents into the funnel. The egg white runs through it and flows into the bowl, the egg yolk gets stuck in the narrow opening and can now simply be transferred to another bowl. Guaranteed no dirty separation!

Trick 4: how to separate the egg with your hands

However, if you don’t shy away from a dirty separation, you can also try to separate the egg with your bare hands. To do this, hold your hand over a bowl and put the egg whites and yolks in your closed hand. The egg white runs through your fingers into the bowl, the egg yolk remains in your hand and can easily be moved into a second bowl.

Important: wash your hands beforehand, otherwise the separation will quickly become dirtier than desired. And of course, don’t forget to wash your hands again after separating and before continuing to work in the kitchen.

Trick 5: Separate the egg with the skimmer

If there is a slotted trowel, i.e. a trowel with holes, under your kitchen utensils, it is particularly easy for you. Simply hold the ladle over a bowl and pour the egg into it. The principle is the same as with the bare-handed method: the egg white flows through, the yolk stays behind. So you can easily separate the stubborn couple.

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