New study: Those who eat a lot of ready meals get old faster

Ready meals make you fat – and now they are also old!

The fact that ready meals are often unhealthy is nothing new. They contain lots of flavor enhancers and additives, as well as too much salt and unhealthy fats. In doing so, they switch off our natural appetite suppressor in the brain.  The result: Unbridled hunger and obesity. The risk of type 2 diabetes and brain diseases such as dementia also seem to increase with frequent consumption of finished products . Now it has been shown: Even on how quickly we age, convenience foods can have a negative impact, as a new study by Spanish scientists suggests.

Telomeres provide clues about our biological age

A new study by scientists at the Spanish University of Navarra gives clear indications that regular consumption of ready-made meals makes us grow old faster. In their study, the researchers analyzed the eating behavior and the state of health of around 900 older people and then divided them into groups: Group 1 ate the fewest finished products, Group 4 the most. After the subdivision, there were also clear differences in terms of health: In the fourth group there were significantly more cases of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In addition, the people from group 4 had shorter telomeres. Telomeres are a kind of protective cap at the ends of our chromosomes that shorten as we age. The shorter they are so the older we are – at least physically. Because our biological and our actual age can differ by a few years, depending on lifestyle and disposition.

Cooking fresh is worth it!

Although it is known that ready-made and convenience meals are not necessarily healthy, millions of them are bought every year. Because they have a great advantage: They require little or no preparation time and can therefore be easily integrated into the stressful everyday life. However, as the Spanish study shows, it seems more than worthwhile to spend more time cooking. Fortunately, there are enough healthy, balanced and, above all, fresh meals that can be prepared in just a few minutes. We have collected some of the most delicious lightning recipes for you.

Self-experiment – Can healthy eating make you happy? Amazing results after only 3 days!

Does it have to be the bar of chocolate that we “treat” ourselves to in order to be happy? Or isn’t there a healthier way? This is exactly what RTL reporter Thorsten Sleegers wants to find out in a self-experiment. The nutrition expert Alexander Nicolai accompanies him. You can find out in the video what he found out in this exciting experiment and how much his mood changed in just three days!

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