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The best freshness tips for your supplies

Don’t have to go to the supermarket that often? That would be a real relief for many of us. The problem: Fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables and herbs do not last forever and often do not look as fresh after a few days. We therefore show which tricks can be used to preserve fresh food longer. No more moldy bread, brown bananas and sprouting potatoes!

Wrap the banana stem in cling film

We usually sell bananas without seeds, but in their wild form they contain numerous hard seeds. Since they first start to turn brown on the trunk, cling film should help. Simply wrap the stem at the top of the fruit in foil – the wholesaler’s tip sounds almost too good to be true. A direct comparison shows: With the foil stalk, the shelf life of the bananas is extended by about a day. Not much, but still! By the way: If you store the bananas in the refrigerator, they brown more slowly, but they also lose a lot of their taste.

Bread lasts longer in the refrigerator

Can you really store bread in the refrigerator? Yes! Over time it becomes drier there than when it is stored at room temperature or in a Roman pot, but it molds much later. In our test, bread stored in the refrigerator could be kept for ten days without mold. Another tip: Sliced ​​bread goes moldy much faster than bread in one piece. So if you don’t know if you’re going to eat the bread quickly, it’s better to buy an uncut loaf.

Store mushrooms in a paper bag

Mushrooms rot quickly in plastic bags. This should even produce toxic substances, in contrast to storage in paper bags. Even a week after purchase, mushrooms look as fresh as they did on the first day.

Olive oil on guacamole

Homemade guacamole should actually be eaten immediately, otherwise the surface will turn brown. To avoid that, oil should help. Does the preservation of the avocado cream with oil work? The oil must cover the entire surface. The look and taste test confirm – this tip really works!

Store potatoes with apples

The apples are supposed to slow down the growth of the potatoes and prevent them from germinating quickly. In theory, it should be the other way around. Because potatoes give off a ripening gas that causes perishable fruit and vegetables in their vicinity to age faster. But our experiment shows: it works. Even after five days, apples and potatoes still look the same. According to the internet tip, onions should be stored separately from potatoes.

Store apples in a cool place

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Can apples get cold? Absolutely: if you have a balcony protected from frost, you can store apples there perfectly. On the balcony they stay fresh and crisp for a long time – if you store them at room temperature, they become floury much faster.

Wrap the broccoli in a damp cloth

Does broccoli stay fresher if you wrap it in a damp kitchen towel in the refrigerator? Our test confirms this: if you leave it in the foil, the broccoli dries out more in the refrigerator. If you unpack it and put it in a damp cloth instead, it will keep it crisp longer. In general, broccoli likes it cool – so avoid storing it at room temperature if possible.

Preserve herb pots with plastic bags

A plastic bag over the potted plant – and the herbs should stay fresh. Wrapped like this, it went in the refrigerator for five days. And the amazing result: chives and rosemary looked just as fresh as they did at the beginning. So this tip really works.

And what to do with too much bread or gray chocolate? We have five tips to help you avoid food waste!

Is the best before date reliable?

On industrially manufactured products, the best-before date provides an indication of how long the product can be enjoyed. We tested whether this information is really reliable – and we experienced big surprises in the process.

What food do I need in stock?

The Corona crisis has shown us that a lockdown in which you cannot or do not want to shop so often can definitely occur. We have put together for you what supplies you should really have at home in order to be well looked after in an emergency situation.

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