These baked rolls taste best

Which baked rolls are the most convincing?

If you don’t feel like leaving the house before breakfast and standing in line at the bakery for a long time, you still don’t have to do without crispy rolls: After all, you can get baked rolls in every supermarket. Packed from the bag on the shelf or from the freezer, as a wheat roll or grainy variant: there is something for every taste.

You can see in the video which rolls convinced our testers by far.

That’s how we tested

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but not too sticky: This is what the ideal baked-on roll looks like for our testers. They each try a frozen bread roll and a packaged bread roll from the discounter and from the supermarket in the varieties of wheat and multigrain for us.

There are also additives in baked rolls

Fresh and warm from your own oven, baked rolls taste like the bakery next door – right? At first glance, after all, the same thing is in there. A good bun consists of flour, water, yeast, malt, salt, butter and sugar. But be careful: In the bread you bake yourself there are also additives such as flavor enhancers and preservatives.

This also means that the rolls can be kept longer: Compared to the bakery roll, which can only be enjoyed for a maximum of three days, the packaged baked roll has a shelf life of three months. Only the frozen bread can top it: it lasts for a whole year.

This is how baked rolls get really crispy

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How are the rolls really crispy in the oven?

To ensure that baked rolls come out of the oven really crispy, you should always preheat them well. If you then add a little water to the baked goods, you can enjoy your rolls particularly crispy and crunchy. We wish you bon appetite!

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