The strawberry season begins: this way the fruit stays fresh for a long time

Tricks for proper storage

One of the most popular times in Germany when it comes to fruit and vegetables begins in May: the strawberry season. But as delicious and fresh as strawberries may be, if you have them at home in large quantities, it is often almost impossible to use them all up in time. Because strawberries spoil quickly and can start to mold after just one day. These simple tricks can extend the shelf life.

Dry storage in the refrigerator

Strawberries keep the longest in the fridge’s vegetable drawer. Here the temperature is right and it is dry and dark. In addition, when stored in a sieve, the fruits receive sufficient air from all sides.

In the meantime, a piece of kitchen paper or newspaper will absorb any residual moisture. In addition, the berries should not be washed immediately after shopping. Due to the moisture, the fruit tends to develop more mold and also loses its aroma. Leaves and stems should not be removed until shortly before consumption.

The vinegar trick

Vinegar prevents mold and ensures a longer shelf life. Simply fill a bowl with a third of vinegar and two thirds of water and then place the strawberries in it. Let the solution work for a few minutes. Then remove the berries, rinse well and pat dry. This kills all germs.

Freezing for fresh strawberries in winter

Strawberries can be kept for up to ten months in the freezer. Because of the freezing temperatures, microbes don’t stand a chance here and the fruits are preserved. Wash and dry the berries in a plastic freezer bag before storing. This will prevent them from sticking together after freezing. Shake the freezer bag repeatedly while freezing.

From a botanical point of view, the strawberry is not a berry at all, but is one of the nut fruits.

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